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I am putting together a new "Park Flyer" A Foam board

Delta Wing using the power plant from my upgraded

               "Mini Pulse"  Check out the plans at:  http://www.modelaviation.com/avrovulcan

1) Jim Davis: Latest build   Sig Four-Star 40

Hey guys, Just wanted to show you all a few photos of my finished Four-Star 40 I built from a kit.  It took quite a while but finally finished it!  The pilot is the one I made and sent out pictures of last couple weeks ago. (see pilot article below #3) The motor is a new OS 46 AX11 and has yet to be run.  Can't wait!!  Jim


Wing Span: 59-3/4 in. (1518 mm)

Wing Area: 604 in. (39 dm.)

Length: 47 in. (1194 mm)

Flying Weight: 4-3/4 lbs. (2150 g)

Radio Required: 4-Channel

Engines: .40 - .45 (6.5 - 7.5 cm.) 2-Stroke

.40 - .50 (6.5 - 8.2 cm.) 4-Stroke

2) David Spradlin: My first scratch build!

      Al Clark's "Mysterion"

I saw this article in our monthly AMA Model Aviation Magazine Jan 2015 issue (http://www.modelaviation.com/mysterion)

3) Jim Davis: Build your own pilot figure!

Jim Davis sent us his project building, a pilot for his new airplane build. Check out his pictures from a balsa framework, to wrapping with cotton and thread to form the shape that you want, to covering with plaster/bondo, to shaping a pilot figure, to base painting, to detail painting! Now a handsome daring pilot! If you have any questions contact Jim Davis (obxrcpilot@yahoo.com)

4) Virgil Kee: Winter Time JOLLIES!

Check out the FMS  J3 Cub 40.5" that I have received!

I needed something a little larger than the micros!


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