Dare County RC Flyers
Dare County RC Flyers

Dare County RC Flyers


The name of our club is the Dare County RC Flyers, and may also be referred to as DCRCF.


DCRCF promotes radio control model aviation as a sport and recreational activity at the home of the First Flight, the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The Club is a self-supporting, non-profit organization chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA 2691).


All interested persons are eligible for membership. All Club members are required to be current members of AMA and are required at all times to comply with AMA Flying Field Safety Rules as well as the AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code found at



1) Current members of DCRCF.


2) Other flyers, when invited by a current member of DCRCF, may use the

flying site when accompanied by the member and must have a current AMA license in their possession.



1) DCRCF is primarily a radio-control club but the flying site is suitable for control-line and free-flight operations.


2) Only AMA-legal aircraft with a weight under 55lbs and a speed under 100mph are permitted.  This site is not considered satisfactory for impulse jet, gas turbines, or extremely large scale aircraft.


3) All internal combustion engines 0.10 ci displacement or greater must be equipped with an effective muffler.

Radio Frequency Control

2.4 GHz systems are the prefered systems.

Upon arrival, all pilots should announce their frequency and check with all other fliers that they do not share a particular frequency if 2.4 GHz is not used before turning on any transmitter or aircraft!


Flying hours are sunrise to sunset unless further limited by Gun Club operations.


No Alcohol, No Drugs, No Pets

Where To Find Us:

Dare County RC Flyers

Club President: Jim Davis  


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